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Mallory Gleitman - Account Manager at Mariposa Communications in NYC

Mallory Gleitman is working as an Account Manager at Mariposa Communications in New York City.

Dear Mallory, since when are you working at Mariposa Communications? 

I have been working at Mariposa since 2010.

How many people are working at your agency in NYC? 

Right now there are three people who work at Mariposa.

Has always been clear that you want to work in fashion? 

I have always been very interested in the fashion industry. I interned and worked at a few different companies in various fields within the industry while I was in college, leading me to find that PR was my passion!

What was your previous career? 

I studied communications with a minor in textiles and clothing and have worked many seasons of Fashion Week with IMG and KCD Worldwide.

What are your main tasks and what is your daily work? 

No day is ever the same in the fashion PR world, but no matter what I am doing, I aim to create success for each client Mariposa takes on! I stay on top of weekly schedules, reporting, social media, pitching, influencer outreach, etc., as well as constantly looking for opportunities that are out there to help separate our current clients from the rest of the pack.

What do you like most about your job and what is the biggest challenge in the field of fashion PR? 

I love how rewarding it is watching a brand grow and become even more successful while working with Mariposa. The biggest challenge in the field of Fashion PR is always staying ahead of the changing times, and staying on top of all of the exciting new platforms that are now included in the industry (i.e.: digital press, consulting, events and social media for brands).

How important are social media and especially digital influencer for your work?  

All of that is extremely important for us. We maintain social media calendars for interested clients and are constantly looking further into influencer/blogger collaborations to see how we can connect our clients' brands to consumers. The fashion world continues to evolve as technology and media evolves, which certainly has kept us on our toes the last few years!

Which blogs or online magazines do you read regurlaly?

I am always checking Refinery 29, Fashionista, People and Elle. I also love all of the cool interior design blogs out there!

Something ou would love to do in your job? 

I would love to work more events for our clients and in the industry. It's enjoyable for me in preparing them and then watching everything successfully come together.

What is your favorite place in NYC and why? 

This is very cliche, but definitely Central Park. It's such a quiet and magical place in such a crazy, bustling city!

What could you recommend to people who are looking for an entry in your company?

Work hard, think outside of the box, be respectful and always go the extra mile!

Thank you very much, Mallory! 

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