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Suzi Christoffersen - External Consultant at the Danish Fashion Institute

Dear Suzi, you are working for the Danish Fashion Institute in Copenhagen. What is the Danish Fashion Institute it about?

I work at a project with Danish fashion Institute, called NICE:
The project NICE, which stands for Nordic Initiative Clean & Ethical, is a pan-Nordic project whose primary purpose is to motivate and assist fashion companies to integrate sustainability and social responsibility into their business for the benefit of people, the environment and profit.

What is your daily work?

I am consulting brands, designers, institution about how to be more sustainable and to choose the most sustainable fabric.

How does a typical working day look like for you?

1-3 meetings with above in the Fabric library. Organise different projects – at the moment it is an exhibition with sustainable outfits.

What was your previous career?  
  • Graduated from Fashion Design Akademy 
  • Graduated from KEA 
  • Began at IC Companys as quality coordinator 
  • Began as source at Part Two (part of IC Companys) 
  • Began as Quality Manager at Day Birger et Mikkelsen 
  • Began as project coordinator at NICE/Danish Fashion Institute 
 When ist the most stressful time for you during the year?
  • February and August – fashion week 
  • April – during Copenhagen Fashion Summit

What ist the biggest challenge in your job?

As we are a non profit organisation, it is always a hurdle to fund the different project.

Which are your favourite magazines?

Elle, Vouge, Cover

What could you recommend to people who are looking for an entry in your company? Is it possible to do an internship?

Network network network, amd yes internships are possible.

Don't miss: Danish Fashion Institute on Instagram: @danishfashioninstitute

Thank you very much!


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