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Ivanka Patel - Marketing Director at Angela & Roi Handbags

Ivanka Patel is Marketing Director at Angela & Roi Handbags, an online handbag brand that combines fashion and philanthropy by color. In the Donate by Color mission, A&R donates 5$ of each handbag sale to non-profit organization partners by color of a handbag sold.

Angela & Roi  was founded in February 2013. What did you do before?
A&R existed as a retailer before the brand was launched in February 2013. At that time I was still at student at Boston University School of Management (SMG) as well as an employee for SMG’s Information Technology Services Department. Everyone at A&R is a busy bee - it’s a part of our company culture and personal lifestyles! 

Has always been clear that you want to work in fashion?
Let’s just say I used to sew Barbie clothes when I was a little girl. =) I always had an eye for fashion. I start with a smile every morning and concoct an outfit that I know no one else can think to create - I love to be unique; to me the pieces in my closet is what defines me, and there is always a statement to be made.

In your “Donate by Color“ mission you donate 5$ of each handbag sale to non-profit organization partners by color of a handbag sold. Partners are e.g. the AIDS Foundation of Chicago or the American Childhood Cancer Association
What was the reason for Angela & Roi to combine fashion and doing good?
Our Donate By Color mission was created because #1 Angela loves fashion, #2 because Angela’s family supports a child in need since Angela was a little girl, #3 Roi’s father dealt with multiple health issues as Roi was growing up. Long story short, the 2 of them combined were destined to make a difference and create a huge movement that combines everything they love and want to change in the world. They are a power couple no doubt, fostering a VERY POWERFUL brand.

How do you choose your partners?
This is where Roi has a heavy hand, he is a very detail oriented person, driven to find and create the best opportunities for our brand. Even as a CEO, he spends countless hours researching and networking to find organizations that are passionate and that have a heart like ours. He strives to find partners that are local, and willing to work with us to make a difference, as every penny counts. We build a special relationship with each of our partners - accross all our partners we do a few things similar - we keep in contact with them, stay up to date with current events regarding those organizations, and best of all we try to volunteer at as many events as possible that these organizations host. We don’t only donate money, we prioritize donating time to help those in need. We make sure we keep our partners close to our heart.

How many people are working at A&R?
We have 6 dedicated and hard working individuals that prioritize our mission at Angela&Roi and have made it part of their Lifestyle. We love our team, we are NOT LIKE a family, but we ARE a family.
Angela is our CFO – “Chief Fashion Officer“
Roi is our CEO – “Chief Executive Officer“
Steve is our “Information Technology Director“
Ivanka is our “Marketing Director“
Heidi is our “Public Relations Director“
Olilvia is our “Do Good Director“


Who is responsible for the design of the handbags?
Close to our manufacturer, in South Korea, we have a design team. The design team collaborates and creates handbag designs which they send to Angela. Angela then reviews the designs, and tweeks them to fit her style and taste, as she is the fashion Angela&Roi embodies. She chooses the fabrics and adds those little touches of luxury to every bag, making them unique to Angela&Roi. She sends the designs back to South Korea, and the manufacturer and design team work together to create the handbags with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

What are the future goals for your brand?
Angela&Roi is a brand set out to create a movement. What is a movement - does anybody really know? We want to not only fulfill our mission, but also make it thrive and inspire change for others. We want fashion to thrive in the hands of philanthropy, not only with Angela&Roi, but the entire industry can indulge positive change.

What is the best part of your job?
I cannot emphasize enough how much I love our team. Each team member has their quirks, no more or less than the others, but enough to make us love eachother for who we are. We focus on each person’s strengths and let them take the reins when necessary. Just because Roi is the CEO, doesn’t mean he makes all the decisions. We research, present, and discuss every question we come accross, and we require a unanimous vote to move forward. This family structure does not only include us, but it includes our customers. We spend endless efforts to satisfy our customers and make sure they want to stay a part of the Angela&Roi family. Let’s just say we want to spread the love—just as “We‘re not only animal friendly, we are people friendly!“

My favourite bags:

Everyday Navy Long Tote

Essential Burgundy Backpack

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