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Anouk van Haaster - Fashion, Design & Travel engagement manager at Press Only

Anouk van Haaster is Fashion, Design & Travel engagement manager at the Amsterdam based PR agency Press Only.

Dear Anouk, what does an Engagement Manager at Press Only do exactly? What is your daily work?
I have a variety of clients, ranging from the design & travel department (Farrow & Ball, Carl Hansen & Son, Delta Light, Kikkerland, The School of Life, WDSTCK collective) to fashion brands (Saint Tropez,Seafolly, Aigle) and some (creative/art) projects. For these clients I generate publicity by using different PR tools.

Furthermore it is important to have lots of good contacts. I’m constantly busy with checking which brand fits to which magazine/newspaper/blogger or ambassador and then I ensure that the right people are linked to each other.
I achieve this by for example sending out personal pitch e-mails, sending out beautiful and creative press packages by mail, organising a nice lunch (wherein I try to set up a collaboration), events, press trips and interviews.

Press Only
How many people are working at your department right now?
At the Design & Travel department I’m carrying the main responsibility. I have one intern at the moment. Besides that I’m working together with my colleagues Guen & Jose at the Fashion department.

How would you describe the working atmosphere in your office?
I’m working with a small and creative team. We have a great mix of different people and characters in our office, this works well and we complement each other. 

When is the most stressful time for you during the year?
There is not one specific moment in the year that is the most stressful. It’s always busy. When we have several events in the same period it’s maybe the most “stressful“ period of the year, but I like doing events and I can get positive energy out of stress and deadlines... I’m a good multitasker, so it’s totally fine to handle. Every year there are different design fairs and of course the Fashion Week and the Modefabriek, those are always busy but great periods.

What else does your job bring along what is not present every day?
We receive a lot of inspirational invites for events & exhibitions. I’m always searching for interesting events and readings. In addition we organize events for our own clients of course. Next to that I love to travel and I do it occasionally for work. I always get a lot of new energy out of press trips or PR conferences with clients. For example, I’m almost going to Milan for a Design fair; Salone del Mobile.

What is the biggest challenge in your job?
It is very important to help everyone in the right way. I always try to stay close to myself and I got the feeling that I pick things up in the right way. Because of that I achieve good results for my clients and I keep the press satisfied with fitting content. For me a personal approach is important. Not sending out loads of press releases but personal pitches and a customized approach.

Has always been clear that you want to work in fashion?
No, when I was younger I wanted to become a musical star. After that a tour guide and later I became interested in PR and branding. But never specifically in fashion. I was always looking for a mix of fashion, design and travel.

What was your previous career?
I worked for about 6 years in health care, part time and very committed. Besides that I had a lot of different jobs in the food service industry.
After graduating from secondary school (HAVO) I studied Cultural and Social work and after that Fashion & Branding at AMFI. I think that the mix of different studies has been good and beneficial for me. The social aspect of my first study and later a fashion related study, pretty contrasting, but I think it’s a good combination in the pr business I’m working in now.

How did you apply for your current position?

I started as an intern at Press Only and later I got a permanent employment. I made myself indispensable ;)

Is there anything you want to achieve in your career?
My goal is to address the Design & Travel department further at Press Only.
However I always want to be creative and inspirational, for example in coming up with new concepts/ events or visual expressions. Also next to my job I try to challenge myself all the time to discover and see new things.

Do you read any fashion or beauty blogs regularly?
I read a lot of blogs daily. My favourite blogs include a mix between fashion, art, travel, food and more. I don‘t have one particular favourite, but some of my (dutch-based) favourites are:,,,,

Which are your favourite magazines?
I love to read ELLE, I-D magazine, ELLE Decoration and Frame.

What could you recommend to people who are looking for an entry in your company? Is it possible to do an internship at your department?
Write me a motivation letter and send me your CV. We‘re always looking for new interns for a period of min. 20 weeks from studies like AMFI, Marketing and Communication. Click here for more information.

Which is your favourite spot in Amsterdam? Pllek, Tolhuistuin, Roest, Biertuin, Park Frankendael and many many more! Love Amsterdam.

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