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Corinna Springer - CEO and Founder of Nouveau PR

Corinna Springer is CEO and Founder of Nouveau PR a New York based agency focusing on brand building through consulting and selective PR strategies. Nouveau PR represents fashion designers like A.F. VANDEVORST, Parkchoonmoo, Dominic Louis as well as accessories brands and artists.

Dear Corinna, since when are you doing this job?
Nouveau-PR has been founded 6 years ago and all in all I am working for 15 years in this branche.

What is your daily work?
There are no typical work days for me – There is lots of work on the computer, making certain everyone knows what to do, meetings with prospective clients, accounting. Really, every day is different.

How does a typical day during fashion week / press days look like?
There is also no typical day, just longer hours: I am running around to see all the clients and collections, doing seating plans together, discussing details for front of house. Also backstage approving of styling, casting etc. Last season we had twelve shows and presentations!

How would you describe the working atmosphere in your office?
The atmosphere is relaxed most of the time. I put a lot of effort into creating a healthy, motivating work ambiance, based on mutual respect and every one knowing what needs to be accomplished in which time frame. Occasionally it gets tense during fashionweek preparations, but most of the time relaxed and enjoyable.

What do you like most about your job?
The positive, good ambiance. I love my work and enjoy constant contact with stylists and editors, co workers, designers etc.

What ist the biggest challenge in your job?
To keep myself continously motivated and not loose interest in fashion because it can be so superficial. Sometimes I’d rather be saving lives or doing something more meaningful, than contributing to consumerism. Which is why I need to always represent labels that have a strong narrative, an artistic motivation and background, or somehow strive to be sustainable, eco friendly and humanitarian.

Has always been clear that you want to work in fashion?
Kind of. I have become interested in it because it became a form of self expression for me in a very stuffy, elite environment, where I simply didn’t fit in. At first I wanted to be a model, but then through a miraculous chain of events I ended up in PR, close to all these creative people and i knew it was the right thing.

What was your previous career?
In 1994 I moved to Paris and studied french literature. Meanwhile I started working in the boutique of the japanese designer Shinichiro Arakawa as a sales person and then I did an internship there in PR.
After that I studied Arts Plastiques while I was working at Totem ( my first real job) as a PR assistant, then manager, in charge of dutch designers, some smaller brands and then belgian designers and my current client AF Vandevorst.
In 2004 I moved to New York City and became Public Relations Director at the denim and lifestyle brand Rogan. 2 years later I became the PR Director at Helmut Lang.
In 2007 I started my own company and opened Nouveau PR.

What was the reason for you to found your own agency in NYC ?
It was important for me not to depend on any employer to have a Visa, and I was already working on a business plan when I was at Rogan – I knew I wanted to have my own company and at the time it also seemed like a good idea. I think I am filling a hole in the range of PR offices with maybe more creative types than most. After having experienced the more corporate side of things, with all its negative components I felt compelled to just do my own, and I met a life coach who helped me through the first steps and further :)

Today a lot of people want to work in fashion – Do you have an advice how to get there?
If you want to work in fashion, in order to have credibility as a designer or a stylist, a photographer, make up artist hairstylist etc- know the basics, go to the best schools, get the best mentors and when you graduate, ASSIST some one you admire, and LEARN from that person all you need to know. Be passionate about it, know that in the beginning it's hard, you need to be ready and open to work hours and hours and maybe putt your personal life on hold for a bit, for the time being. If you want to be in that world, be ready to be a slave for a while, then when you feel ready move on and do your own.

Could you imagine to work somewhere else than in NYC?
No. not right now - I love NYC.

What are your / Nouveau PR’s goals for the future? 
A lot is in the pipeline already, stay tuned :)

Which blogs or online magazines do you read regurlaly?
I'm not a blog person but I do check out Business of Fashion, WWD, and I occasionally write for Oracletalk a website that brings together the most interesting of fashion, art, science, and also more esoteric stuff.

What could you recommend to people who are looking for an entry in your company?
We are always looking for interns who are looking for an exciting experience in NYC and who are motivated and interested in learning more about the behind the scenes.

Thank you very much, Corinna! 

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